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Rental Agreement

Refrigerator RENTAL AGREEMENT - Important, Please Read Carefully

The student renter does hereby agree to rent a Combination appliance from New England Student Services according to the following terms: 

1. It is agreed that the price of said refrigerator shall be for the period ending in accordance with the school semester and academic calendar and will be determined solely at the discretion of the School and New England Student Services, or its agent. In the event that the lessee(s) have not received notice of the scheduled return date within two (2) weeks prior to the last week of classes (excluding finals week). It shall be the lessee(s) responsibility to email New England Student Services to confirm the scheduled time of return or check the online schedule posted at 

2. The Lessee agrees to hold harmless New England Student Services for any damages that occur if a unit malfunctions. The State of Rhode Island Law shall apply to this contract. 

3. There is a $50.00 charge for returned/N.S.F. checks. There is a $50.00 charge for false service calls. 

4. The lessee shall be responsible for loss of the unit due to theft and/or abandonment and/or conversion. 

5. The lessee agrees not to remove the unit, NOR TO PERMIT OR ALLOW THE REMOVAL of said unit from the above named address without the written consent of the lesser. The lessee shall promptly notify the lesser of any loss of the unit and/or the removal of the unit from the address above. Seven day notice is required If lessee moves off campus, or leaves school. The lessee will return the refrigerator or microwave by the day of departure from campus. 

6. The lesser assumes responsibility for faulty equipment and shall replace the unit with a properly working unit if the original unit should need repair

7. The lessee shall bear any loss of the equipment due to theft, vandalism, abandonment, and destruction from whatever source of the like. In the event of such loss, lessee agrees to pay New England Student Services $650.00 for TRC-3 and $900.00 for TRC-5 refrigerator if not returned. Replacement of microwave door $25.00, freezer door $45.00, refrigerator door $50.00, microwave plate $30.00, microwave ring $15.00, scraper $3.75, upper refrigerator rack $10.00, lower rack $10.00, crisper $10.00, glass shelf $10.00 

8. Removal or transfer of the unit without written notification to New England Student Services will result in a $50.00 assessment. 

9. Cancellation/Refund Policy: Prior to installation cancels are subject to a $50 processing fee. After installation there is no refund, and returns are subject to a $150 pick up fee.

10. In the event lessee(s) is/are not present for the scheduled delivery or return, lessee(s) hereby authorizes New England Student Services to enter lessee(s) room for the purpose of delivering or return of the rental unit.