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FAQ for Refrigerators

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this list of frequently asked questions is of help to you. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email our staff at You can also call our office at 401 405-0920. We look forward to helping you find the best solution for your refrigerator needs.

How do I pay for my refrigerator rental?
You can pay for your rental by Visa or Mastercard. Alternately, you can call our office at 401 405-0920. You can also order by mail with a check by using the response slip sent to you by the school.

Can I rent a refrigerator for less than my entire stay at school?

Yes you can rent throughout the year subject to availability. A special delivery fee may apply.

Why doesn't my school allow all model refrigerators in my dorm room?
Individual schools have differing requirements for what model refrigerators are allowed in dorm rooms. Our units are used because they are equipped with an internal power switching device that plugs into the wall, converting two plugs into one.  This enables the unit to run only one appliance at a time.  If the microwave is on, the refrigerator shuts off, power is restored automatically to the refrigerator in 3 minutes.

Is my refrigerator safe?
The refrigerators supplied by New England Student Services meet the school's energy conservation programs, they are energy efficient and safe (no exposed heating element).

What happens if two students in one room order?
Some schools allow multiple units per room. If that is not the case at your school, we will reimburse one student prior to delivery.

How does my refrigerator get delivered to my room?
On some campuses your refrigerator is delivered to your room before you arrive. If it is not in your room when you arrive you can check our delivery schedule which will be posted in your residence hall and on our website. A student must come to one of the scheduled stops and we will have someone go to your room with you to deliver unit. It does not have to be the student that ordered the unit, it can be a roommate.

What if I have to leave campus early?
We need at least 7 to 14 days notice to arrange for pickup. An early pickup fee will apply.