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One in Every Room

Our One in Every Room program provides a safe, controlled, and convenient way for students to refrigerate and heat food in their rooms, while at the same time generating revenue for the institution. When your college or university contracts with us for the One in Every Room program, you get more than just a simple refrigerator.

This program includes:

- Delivery
- Installation
- Maintenance
- End of the Year Inventory
- Cleaning
- 3 Models to Choose From

Our company offers three models to suit your individual school's needs. Our combination-unit features a 2.13 cu ft refrigerator with a separate .75 cu ft zero-degree freezer. This unit also includes a .6 cu ft 600 watt-microwave with safe plug technology. In addition to our combination-unit we also offer a 3.2 cu ft Refrigerator/Freezer unit and a 2.7 cu ft refrigerator model. Each model has its own features and benefits including revenue potential.

By providing your students with one of our appliances you are taking a step towards ensuring their safety and cutting costs. Our energy certified models help prevent costly circuit overloads caused by outside appliances. And if you choose our combination-unit featuring a microwave with safe plug technology you eliminate the need for students to bring in equipment which does not meet school requirements and is often stored and operated under unsafe conditions.

Direct to Student rental program

Students may rent a refrigerator for school and we deliver to your room. With all the other necessities you need to bring to college, you'll appreciate that you will not have to shop for a refrigerator then squeeze it into the car or rent a trailer. No need to transport a bulky refrigerator, when the best appliance for students' needs can be delivered to the college for you, if you choose.

Summer Programs

We offer summer programs for educational, theatre and music groups from one week to nine weeks.

Special Events

We offer programs for special events. Please call for more information (401) 405-0920.