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Ship to us, We deliver to your School

Price: $15.00

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Ship to us during the summer and we will deliver to your school for $15.00 per box.


You ship to us and for $15.00 per box we will deliver to student rooms on campus.


1st Step:   Ship to us by August 20th via any shipping company (Fedex, UPS, any online order) 

Ship to:  Business: New England Student Services

                Contact Name: (use student name)

                Address 1: 10 Nate Whipple Hwy

                Address 2: Mich bldg, Suite 2

                City: Cumberland

                State: R.I.

                Zip code: 02864

                Telephone: 401-405-0920


2nd Step:  Go to our website

Click on:

·       Get started with shipping or storage

·       Bring my boxes to school

·       Select School

·       Deliver my boxes to school

·       Add to cart

·       Update quantity with the number of boxes you are shipping to us.(*see note below)

·       Proceed to checkout

Pickup/Delivery Details: We will need student’s room assignment on campus.

 We ask for a Leaving Date and a Returning Date,

 just input date student will arrive on campus for both dates.

3rd Step:  We bring boxes to student rooms.

*If you order items online from any store and they ship to us in more boxes then you expected we will contact you.

Any questions please contact us at 401-405-0920 or e-mail

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